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Professional Auto Detailing

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Real Customer Testimonials

Jeff Waters

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"What a great Detailer! The previous owner of my car must have constantly smoked weed and cigars. Alex said, “No problem, I’ll take care of it.” He was the first Detailer I found that could do ozone treatment, too. Super convenient working around my travel schedule, too. A+++!"


Professional Services

Complete Interior Cleaning

Step into a vehicle that feels brand new with our thorough Interior Cleaning service. Our meticulous approach ensures every part of your car's interior is immaculately cleaned and refreshed.

•Door jambs •Shampoo seats •Dashboard and center console •Vents and cup holders •Clean arm rest and glove compartment •Shampoo floor mats •Shampoo floor carpets •Clean headliner •Glass and windows

Paint Correction

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Elevate your vehicle's appearance with our Paint Correction service. This service is meticulously crafted to not only cleanse your car but to also revitalize its paintwork, removing imperfections and restoring its original luster.

•Thorough hand wash •Clean wheels, tires, fenders, gas cap •Clay paint to remove above surface contaminants •Thorough cleaning of door jambs •Clean windows •Dress tires •Buff and polish remove swirls and light scratches •Apply wax/sealant for protection and a bit more shine (or a ceramic coating for more durable and longer protection)

Engine Cleaning

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Wash and Wax

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Hand Care Car Wax

Hand Care Car Wax

Hand Applied Wax and Sealant for Full Complete Coverage.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Buff and Polish Remove Swirls and Light Scratches.

Deep Interior Cleaning

Deep Interior Cleaning

Restore The Vehicle's Interior To A Near-New Condition.

Full Ceramic Coating

Full Ceramic Coating

Shield From Environmental Damage, Scratches, and Contaminants.

Smoke / Odor Removal

Smoke / Odor Removal

Neutralize and Eliminate Stubborn Odors, Including Smoke Smells.

Revitalize the heart of your vehicle with our Engine Cleaning service at Driveru's Auto Cleaning. We understand that a clean engine not only looks good but can also perform more efficiently. Our detailed process ensures that your engine bay and hood are meticulously cleaned and protected.

pressure wash engine bay and hood degrease engine bay wash engine bay and hood dressing engine bay

Discover the perfect blend of cleanliness and shine with our Wash and Wax service. This service is designed to not only cleanse your vehicle but also protect and enhance its appearance.

•Thorough hand wash •Clean wheels, tires, fenders, gas cap •Clay paint to remove above surface contaminants •Lightly clean door jambs •Clean windows •Dress tires •Apply wax or sealant


178 Pulaski Blvd, Bellingham, Massachusetts 02019

(774) 462-2783

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